Marches Supper Society

Chaps, it’s been a while. Apologies, etc. Work feels like it’s been a rollercoaster that has been left to run while the attendant has nipped off for a 20 month coffee. Thankfully, he’s remembered his duties and returned to let me off, now a bit wobbly and sick.

What I mean to say is that, a few weeks ago, I handed in my notice at the Green Cafe. And frankly, I can’t wait to be one of those on the other side of the pass, ordering what I know to be some of the best food in Ludlow.

Other exciting stuff I’ve failed to publicise over the last 20 months have included (and blimey, this is going back a long way) wedding catering, Terra Madre 2010, house warmings, Ludlow Food Festival (two of), food demonstrations and, my latest joint-project and bundle of joy, the Marches Supper Society.

This, our little nod to the pop-up restaurant phenomenon, takes place about once a month and is – from my kitchenside perspective anyway – a culinary hoot. Watch this space for the recipes, tests and musings that may or may not have made the MSS cut.


1 thought on “Marches Supper Society

  1. Will miss your smiley face behind the pass at the Green Cafe. You’ll be a hard act to follow, but look forward to seeing you enjoying Clive’s lovely cooking from the other side and can’t wait for the next MSS event. x

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