The Way to a Man’s Heart?

Pigs’ head.

Trust me.

Madam, if you’re looking for advice on what to cook your lover to snare his, um, heart, then you’ve come to the right place.

Now, I understand that for many people, the prospect of V.Day is one of utter terror. Not for me. I see The Big V. as an opportunity to guilt-trip the current suitor into dinner à deux (made entirely by me, naturellement). And the very fact that said suitor has entered into the contractual V.Day dinner, means that, by relationship law, he must eat whatever I choose to cook.

But this year, the chap in question was something of a newbie and as such, I thought it best not to hit him with my finest offally delights and suet-laced puddings on what was to be only our second sit-down meal together.

So, how did a glistening, bejewelled dome of the finest pigs’ lesser-used bits come to be sitting on his plate? Surprisingly (and no-one was more surprised than me to hear this), he asked for it. That’s right, the man that, several weeks ago, looked at me as if I was quite clearly deranged when I excitedly asked whether he’d like to see what I had recently stashed in my chest freezer, actually asked if I’d be making him brawn.

Brownie points scored: about a million.

But it gets even better than that. Our V.Day dinner (which was actually lunch) consisted of the following:

– Coppa di testa (brawn made in the Italian style*)

– Pickled sprouts (which I had been doing my best to ignore for weeks)

– Sweet pickled pears

– Apple and toasted hazelnut salad

– A wonderful goat’s cheese from Cothi Valley Goats

– Chilli and herb goat’s yoghurt-cheese, which I made using unpasteurised milk, again from Cothi Valley Goats

– A large sourdough loaf

The one thing that my lunch date asked if he could take home? Correctamundo.

Another million Brownie points to that man.

*Adapted from a recipe by Anna Del Conte in Risotto with Nettles.


5 thoughts on “The Way to a Man’s Heart?

  1. Twas a fine meal made even tastier by our long hill walk beforehand. As they say, hunger is the best sauce, and the only one needed on this occasion. Thanks.

  2. keep blogging. that’s good. though cedric and claude have gone from the bell, enterprise have taken it back, so you might want to delete that.

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