Local to Ludlow: Part II

Bred by Fred’s next appearance at the Local to Ludlow market will take place on Thursday 27th August.

One of our seasonal cakes of the month is going to be hazelnut.

Hazelnut Cake

My advice? Get there early, because this baby – she’s going to be a sell-out.


Well Done Fred

Bred by Fred Launch

Glorious thanks to all the wonderful folk that attended the Bred by Fred Launch Party last night.

Bred by Fred Launch Party

Colossal thanks to all those that unwhipmeringly pitched in and made it run (to all outward appearances) without hitch. It truly wouldn’t have happened without your help.

Bred bt Fred Launvh Party

For all you non-attendees, here’s what you missed:


Lavender, raspberry or rose bubbles


Homemade Pork Scratchings

Pea’d Broad Bean & Mint on Fadge*

Little Urn Ewe’s & Sorrel Frittata

Chicken Liver Pâté on Fred’s White Toast

Onion and Marjoram Tartlets

Egg Mayonnaise on Soda Bread


Lemon & Blackcurrant Leaf Curd Tartlets

Rhubarb Jelly & Orange Thins

Rose & Pistachio Marshmallows

Chocolate Truffles with Crystallised Fennel Flowers

Egg Mayonnaise on Soda Bread

*Or, plain old, non-Irish potato cake.