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I am very excited to announce that Fred and I have gone public: we’ve started a catering business!

Currently, we’ve signed up to sell tasty wares at the Local to Ludlow market (which we’ll be attending on the 4th Thursday of the month only) and we’re looking into a couple of other farmer’s/local produce markets in the area too.

However, markets will only be the customer-facing side to Bred by Fred. We’re hoping to get our name out there (by me force-feeding customers business cards, as well as baked goodies), so that the private catering events will eventually become the main element of the business.

So, to last week’s market.

Bred by Fred Does Local to Ludlow Market

Fred was a sell out.

Oh yes. We sold:

– Sourdough loaves

– Soda bread loaves

– Cornish splits (the original and superior accompaniment to Cream Tea)

– Cocoa and hazelnut meringues

– Mini lemon meringue tartlets

– Mini rhubarb and ginger tartlets

– Chocolate and raspberry cake

– Small raspberry heart tarts

– Small fruit tarts

– Blackcurrant crème brûlées

– Mini onion and marjoram tartlets

– Mini beetroot leaf and Little Hereford (a local, unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese) tartlets

– Raspberry ‘Sweet Ladies’ Tongue’ biscuits

– Gooseberry and elderflower ‘Sweet Ladies’ Tongue’ biscuits

Bred by Fred Does Local to Ludlow 2

I’m now brimming with ideas for the next one, so I’ll see you there – stall (this time) overladen with treats. Be there or be, um… hungry.


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