A Self-Confessed Seasonal Food Junkie

Goats Cheese and Sorrel Pouffed Fritatta

As anyone who has known me for longer than five minutes will tell you, I get excited about food.  But what my five minute friend will also tell you – what gets me ridiculously excited – is seasonal food.  The kind that’s here one week, gorged upon, and then gone the next.

I’m fairly sure I have a condition (there’s probably a name for it, in fact) which makes me twitchy if I know there’s a foodstuff ripe and brazen in our garden or secretly blooming in the woods, and I’m not cooking with it.  I could spend hours, quite literally, trying to invent ways of working multiple seasonal ingredients into a meal, before coming to my senses (realising that no-one could possibly want to eat the number of courses that would ensue if I were to go ahead and create such a masterpiece) and cutting back to just a couple.  Or three.

Today I’d got a proverbial bee in my bloomers about sorrel.  You see, if my Dad wasn’t quite so fond of his ride-on lawnmower, our field would be full of the stuff.  However, I recently found a secret stash, untouched by Dad and his favourite toy, and the knowledge of this culinary treasure trove had been niggling away at my subconscious until now.

This was my fix:  Sorrel and Goat’s Cheese Pouffed Frittata (for want of a better title).  Feeds four.

Sorrel and Goat’s Cheese Pouffed Frittata

Sorrel – 2 good handfuls

Mint leaves – a few (8 to 10, if you feel like counting)

Parsley – 2 small sprigs

Eggs – 6, free range

Semi-firm goat’s cheese* – 75g

Parmesan – 25g, grated

Butter – 2 tbsp

Salt and Pepper

Chop all of the greenery, but not too finely.

Whisk together the eggs, parmesan, a decent pinch of salt (bearing in mind you’ve got some cheese in there too) and a good grinding of pepper in a fairly large bowl, so that all ingredients are well combined.  Whisk in the herb and sorrel mixture and then crumble in the goat’s cheese, so that it remains in largeish chunks.

Place a frying/sauté pan on a medium to high heat, add the butter, and once it begins to foam, pour in the egg mixture.  Allow this to cook for one minute, so that the base is set, and then reduce the heat right down and place a lid on the pan.

Cook the frittata for 15 minutes, until it is well pouffed and the base is golden brown.  (Just jiggle a spatula underneath to check, if needs be.)

Lift the frittata out onto a heated plate, cut into wedges and serve warm.  The greenery will have been boosted to the top and the warm goat’s cheese will be nestled, dotted here and there, beneath it.

*The cheese I used was Delamare’s Mature Goat’s Cheese, which is pretty widely available throughout the UK, and was perfect for this recipe.  It had the ‘grrrr’ of a well-aged Cheddar, but with the unmistakeable, er, musk, of a goat’s cheese.


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