Birthday Barbie

My brother turned 30 last week.  We decided that this was reason enough to get drunk and throw a few things on the barbeque.  (Although thankfully for him, not quite in that order.)

If you’re me, these few things can range from anything like roughly minced steak to soft, wobbly pigs’ ears, so as such, his birthday menu went like this:

Canapés (Served with elderflower fizz)

Chicory & Crispy Pigs' Ear Canapes

Chicory leaf boats filled with capers, sorrel and parsley, topped with crispy pigs’ ears.

Herbed Goats Cheese Bites

Herbed goats cheese on homemade wholemeal bites.


Homemade chuck steak burgers, served with sweet cucumber pickle, mustard mayonnaise, good ol’ Heinz tommy k. and Alan’s green tomato chutney, on homemade burger buns.

Grilled feta and marjoram-stuffed vineleaves (pilfered from our vine in the greenhouse) with orange and mint salad.

Also on the Table:

Seasonal leaf and herb salad.


Sourdough loaves.


Gooseberry and Elderflower Birthday Stack

Four-stack gooseberry and elderflower cake.  (With candles.)


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